Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sleep Time

Karsie got a PICC line in.  Dr. Suttner called us tonight and asked if she could try to put in a line in a deeper vein.  The vein she had to use was in her jugular, which is on the side of her neck.  In order to do this Karsie had to be sedated, which also meant she had to be intubated during the procedure.  It only took about 30 minutes and they got it in.  When we left Karsie still hadn't woken up, but she was breathing over the machine, so as soon as she wakes up tonight she will be extubated.  She had a long night so hopefully she is getting some needed sleep.  

On to day 2 filled with barium and GI studies.  We will probably be getting a call in the morning, since Dr. Saenz seems to like to work in the morning, about the study or the results.  From there we don't know where we go.  


  1. You are in my prayers...Sally

  2. Glad they finally got a PICC line in. We're thinking and praying about Karsie as she has her next round of tests today... and anxiously awaiting the results. Our hope is that whatever the problem is, it has a clear solution!

  3. I'm praying for all three of you.
    Lord, please bless and uplift and provide your help for these tired, worried parents. Please refresh and lift them up today. Please help Karsie as she goes through these tests. Please let the problem fix itself, or give the doctors wisdom to locate it quickly. Please help them, Lord. We would praise you for a "home run" at fixing this problem and sending Karsie back home soon. Bethany

  4. I hope you got some answers today?
    I totally agree with Bethany above, in all she says.
    I am happy Karsie has a PICC so she can be nourished through all of this.
    You all stay spiritully nourished too please?

    It is okay to pick up your feet and be carried through this part.
    So rest a while, and be ready for when you need to work hard again.

    God bless, and love from me, Jen.