Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Karsie is now up to 20mL an hour on her feeds... but the pump is only running for 22 hours a day! That means that in the evening she has a 2 hour break from food. The goal is to get to 20 hours a day (a 2 hour break in the morning and another in the evening). The other goal is to get up to a good volume (approx 130mL/kilo/day=520mL/day=26mL/hour) and then modify the calorie content so she will continue to grow. The process is very day-to-day... and based on provider preference. Therefore, we only know the general outline and not so much the day-to-day plan. Thankfully we are at peace with this plan and are feeling ok about taking time with it.
Karsie is still a fun little bug! She is active and awake lots now and she loves to play and have books read to her. It is so fun watching her develop! She smiles all the time!