Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Roller Coaster Day

Today was a decent day. Karsie started off with a dressing change done by the surgeon. He was very pleased with what he saw. According to him, Pinky looks really great. This was followed by her morning bottle, but she only took 12mL of it... and then proceeded to spit all 12mL back up. She was given the remaining 5mL through her feeding tube. She went up to an hourly total of 18mL at noon. She ate 11 of the 18mLs at her 3:00pm bottle. Then she was given the last 7 in the feeding tube. She didn't have any more spit-ups the rest of the day. Then she took tonights bottle in record time... 18mL in about 4 minutes. And she kept it down (as of when we left). She is still working on stretching her stomach, so it is ok for her to not take all of the bottle every time it is offered to her.
Her O2 was a bit of a roller coaster as well today. She has been at 1L flow for a while now, so she was dropped down to .5L flow. She didn't tolerate that so well, so she was moved back to 1L flow. She did spend a good chunk of the day breathing 21% O2 though... she just needed a little help with the flow of air into her lungs.
Tomorrow, Karsie might get to try to breast feed. If the lactation consultant is available and she has tolerated her feeds, Michelle will probably get to try to breast feed her for one of her oral feeds (in place of the bottle). This is super exciting for Michelle, who has until now spent countless hours pumping her milk. Hopefully this will go well and this will be a daily thing!
Everything is moving in the right direction, today was just a bit of a roller coaster.

Karsie Works on Her Bottle