Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Feeling the Blues

Karsie had kind of a rough day today.  She has been advanced to 19 mL an hour and her goal for her weight is 20.  She will be at that tomorrow if they decide to stay at the same rate.  But she has been having a couple spit ups lately.  One of her spit ups happened today a few hours after her bottle feeding.  She vomited quite a bit and then tonight she vomited after her bottle feeding.  As far as we can remember this is one of the only times she has spit up multiple times a day.  Plus she was visibly in pain from reflux or something else.  She was quite fussy, and it's hard to see that especially with the possibility of going backwards on the horizon.  We are hoping and praying very hard that she continues to handle her feeding because she is so close.  Nonetheless, we are a little blue today.