Sunday, August 23, 2009

Update (8-23)

Karsie still looks good, but we've hit our first bump in a long time.  She had been moved to 7mL an hour on her feeding, which means that she is at 7mL on her TPN (the stuff that we need her off of...they both have to equal 14 since that is what her weight level needs).  However, this evening she threw up.  Kind of a lot.  It was enough that the doctors wanted her to decrease her feeding to 6.5 mL an hour.  We're not sure if this is going to last until 2 p.m. (when they normally increase the feeding) and then go back to 7mL or if they are going to go the entire day and a half on 6.5. Either way it's a little break for her stomach.  The good news is that she's pooping quite a lot. This means that while her stomach rejected her feeding, everything is being digested and passed no blockage.    

She's also getting a tad more fussy lately.  We're pretty sure most of it is just her being a normal baby, but we're also pretty sure that part of being a normal baby is being held when they are sad and since we cannot do that it can make a fussy baby.  Michelle tried to calm her a bit by getting real close and get as close to holding as possible, and it helped some the closer she got.  We are praying that the doctors will let us hold her soon.    

Karsie's Stages Through Five Weeks

Just a little reminder of how far she has come and how much support your prayers have given. It's pretty amazing to see the journey that Karsie has taken and will continue to take.  Thank you all!!!

Pre-Delivery Pic

All dressed up and ready for Karsie.  Michelle was wheeled off right after this picture and taken to the O.R.