Saturday, December 5, 2009


Maybe I didn't knock on wood hard enough... or maybe it was fake wood... but the Karsie has had a little bit of gagging today. We are desperately praying that it goes away. We are not sure what set it off because nothing changed until later in the day today (after it started). We are trying to vent her tonight and hopefully she will let some air out of her tummy and the gagging will be done, but if not it would be a safe bet that she'll go back down on her feeds.
She is currently getting 22mL an hour and it is now 24cal/oz. The formula is being fortified with duocal so she doesn't get overloaded with calcium and vitamins from Elecare. She started that this evening, so we are not sure how she will handle it.
Karsie is also still growing. Tonight's weight would put her at just over 9lbs, but the weight might be a little high and will likely come down slightly over the next couple days (her bed scale is a little touchy and the weight tonight was a 115 gram jump).
We are feeling down about the gagging... and we are praying that it stops and was just a little air in the tummy. Please pray with us that Karsie will be able to digest her added calories and that the gagging is over. We are ready to have her home again...