Saturday, June 27, 2009


Michelle's contractions picked up again this afternoon.  She has been being monitored every 12 hours for one hour each.  If she has more than 8 contractions in that time frame, they measure another hour.  If it continues their instructions are to up the dose of anti-contraction medicine (I'm not about to try to spell that out).

She had to have the shot of the anti-contraction medicine in conjunction with the oral medication she is taking regularly.  We are currently on the tail end of the third hour to make sure the shot is working. 

However, the doctor came in and said everything looked normal.  We asked him to check Michelle's cervix and it was still long and thick, so the contractions, although a little concerning, are not changing that.

Hidden Mickey

These darn sonogram pictures always come out blurry, but trust us there is a definite hidden Mickey in this picture.  This is the top view of Karsie's face with the umbilical cord loosely around her neck.  Her eyes are closed.  Can you spot the hidden Mickey?  If any of you find this fantastic and want a clearer look, ask us if you come down.  It is a definite sign that Karsie is of her mother.