Saturday, December 12, 2009

Aunt & Uncle Time

It's been a long time coming, but we finally got the aunts and uncles time with Karsie.  Uncle Todd and Aunt Christine were able to visit Karsie the first time she came home.  Aunt Mandy was sick that weekend and she never was able to see her.  This weekend, Aunt Mandy finally was able to visit Karsie.  She spent a lot of time walking around with Karsie's "bag" of food (the black bag under Aunt Mandy's arm carries Karsie's food and pump connecting to the G-Tube). Hopefully this Christmas we will all be together and Karsie will get to see everyone at once. Next up...great grandparents!!!

Pediatric Appointment

Yesterday we went to the final pediatrician appointment in San Diego (at least that we know of). We are very sad to say goodbye to our doctor as she is wonderful, but excited to take her home and meet a new one.  Hopefully he will be as good.  

Everything with Karsie looks as good as can be expected.  She weighed in at 9 lbs. 7 oz.  She's finally getting to the weight of some big babies at birth.  She's still got another pound to go to get to her mommy's birth weight.  

We haven't mentioned Pinky in a while, but it's almost completely skin now.  There is a little area, maybe the size of a half dollar, that is still granulation tissue, but even that is starting to look like it's ready to turn into skin.  It also looks smaller compared to her body.  It's still a pretty good size, but it used to be really tall and the base is now bigger which means it's probably going into her abdomen.  We're working on a little video that goes through Karsie's first few months and we'll try to get in a few good pictures of Karsie's current skin on Pinky. 

One appointment down, four to go.  Next up:  Surgery and neurology.