Friday, January 29, 2010

Five Things Friday

1. We got Karsie this snow suit on clearance (just in case we decide to venture somewhere cold in the next few months)... It is a 0-6 month size.... and she is just swimming in it! If you look at where her feet end, we folded the rest of the leg up under her! She did think the whole adventure of trying it on was quite hilarious!
2. Grumpy wake-up face... Karsie wakes up in the morning and thinks it is the best time of day... most of the time she is pretty happy right after a nap as well. The other day... this was her wake-up face! She looked so mad... and we weren't sure what she was so irked at... cute nonetheless!
3. She has been working on her spitting skills... she spits at the turtle in her gym. She had a massive stare-down with the turtle (for like 20 min.) where she would stare and then spit and then stare and then spit... She probably won that one... the turtle never did get around to spitting back :)
4. Such a cutie... we are having so much fun with her home! Lots of snuggle time! Especially after this week... Monday she got her 6 month shots (3 of them) and then on Wednesday she got her RSV shot (Finally)! She had a bit of a rough week... poor thing gets poked so much... at least once a week lately! Next week she gets no break as we have to go in to the lab and have some blood work :( Still... super cute!
5. We are all set for her baby dedication! Yay! Sunday, February 7th she will be dedicated! We are so excited about this big event in her/our lives!