Wednesday, October 21, 2009


In light of the fact that things have slowed down considerably, we thought we would open a blog entry up for questions.  A few people have asked us a few questions that we have not covered recently, or at all for that matter, and we realized that there may be many more that we can and would love to answer.  We will be happy to answer anything from a medical question to a personal question to any random questions you can come up with.  We thought this would give everyone an opportunity to catch up, if you would like, or just satisfy your curiosity.

We will go back to this entry for a week and answer questions as they come.  

As far as an update on Karsie, she is still plugging away.  She's about to hit her cranky time of the day as she is waking up from her nap during our afternoon walk.  She has been a little eater today as she has eaten on average about 40 mL orally.  No real spitups to report.  We have another pediatrician appointment Friday and we are curious to see how much she has gained. Think fat thoughts...