Thursday, August 13, 2009

Update (8-13)

Good times still!  Everything is still fairly status quo.  Breathing is still at 6 and stitches are holding strong.  Actually, the nurse practitioner, Kylie (she's spent enough time with Karsie to earn a name mention, but we're pretty sure we misspelled her name), said that the stitches actually look less exposed than before, which is a good sign.  Plus the granulation is continuing to strengthen.  

Her feeding has been increased to 2 mL per hour.  The goal is 3mL.  We should be within 2 or 3 days of good results to go to 3 mL.  They did say there was the tiniest bit of white spittle, which they said just looked like a good, juicy burp, leaking on the side of her mouth, but nothing even close to not wanting to increase.  

We are thinking that tomorrow she will be on the nasal cannula.  She is continuing to breathe a little fast, but it seems to be slowing down a bit to closer to normal, so keeping our fingers crossed.  Kevin's mom also gets to go in tomorrow.  Unfortunately with the rules being so strict, this will be the only day she will get to see her until Karsie is moved.  In fact, this is actually an exception that is being made for us, but we're thankful.  

Pre-Delivery Pic of the Day

One Size Fits All.  There's something wrong with that!