Friday, March 27, 2009

Breaking News...

We received a call from our doctor today around 10:00 that told us there is no evidence, at this early stage of the review, of any trisomies (third chromosome) in the amniotic fluid. In other words, it looks as though we have passed another huge hurdle.

What this means is that neither an extra chromosome or a missing chromosome was present in the test that they performed. Keep in mind that this is a preliminary test and there is a chance that other problems can come up when they are able to grow the chromosomes much more, but this is such outstanding news for the time being. The complete test will be available in a couple weeks or so.

While we are so very thankful for the prayers that you all have lifted up, we ask that you continue to pray hard for those tests. We can't even begin to thank all of you for your diligence. We continue to get word from people we have never even met that have Karsie in their daily prayers. We are truly blessed. From the bottom or our hearts, thank you.

P.S. IT'S A GIRL!!! Confirmed.
Kevin: I also want to thank my unnamed student who offered me all of the money they had to help pay for my baby's surgery. If you ever read this just know that I will never forget your wonderful offer and that might have been the sweetest thing I have ever heard. Kids can teach us a lot about what's important in life.

Things We Don't Need to Worry About (Part I)

I'm sure that at some point in every parent's life there comes a point where the husband and wife discuss how the hospital will make sure that they don't mix up their baby with another baby. We have talked about this small possibility at times and have even brought up the idea of bringing a sharpie to mark our kid just after birth so there is no mix up (which was a complete joke for those of you who may have thought that was serious).

Well, Karsie will now have something that's a little easier to identify than a mark with a sharpie. We no longer have to worry about mixing up our kid with another.

...and that's this episode of "Things We Don't Need to Worry About Anymore."