Friday, March 27, 2009

Things We Don't Need to Worry About (Part I)

I'm sure that at some point in every parent's life there comes a point where the husband and wife discuss how the hospital will make sure that they don't mix up their baby with another baby. We have talked about this small possibility at times and have even brought up the idea of bringing a sharpie to mark our kid just after birth so there is no mix up (which was a complete joke for those of you who may have thought that was serious).

Well, Karsie will now have something that's a little easier to identify than a mark with a sharpie. We no longer have to worry about mixing up our kid with another.

...and that's this episode of "Things We Don't Need to Worry About Anymore."


  1. That is hilarious!

    I honestly have no idea how hospital mix ups occur anymore. With both boys the hospitals were so ridiculously anal (in a good way, of course) about making sure that our bracelets matched, etc, that I think I would have had to conspire with another mother to switch our kids. Even then the Baby Lojack would have gone crazy on us when we tried to swap them.

  2. The things you think about at midnight. :-)

  3. That's funny! Glad you've managed to find one bright spot in this whole ordeal. :) And, Lori, it's good to know that it's gotten harder to mix up kids! I'm anxiously awaiting the results of your amnio, as I'm sure you both are...

  4. That was great! You made me laugh. I'm looking forward to Part II of things you don't need to worry about. . . Maybe you don't need to worry about not having anything to worry about.

  5. You are a hoot! Humor is the best medicine and a lot more fun to deal with.