Friday, January 8, 2010

Officials Weights and Lengths!

She made the chart! She made the chart! Karsie has apparently been playing catch up this month with her weight and length. She is at 59 cm and 5.11 kilos. Both of those, for her adjusted age, put her finally on the growth charts. Granted they are on the lower end (less than the 30th percentile) but she has never been on them before. Those translate to 23 inches and 11 pounds 4 oz respectively.

We had two meetings today. One meeting was with an occupational therapist and the other was with the dietician/nutritionist. It was fun with the occupational therapist. Talk about a fun job. She played with Karsie for an hour and made some assessments. Basically, Karsie has weakness on her left side and needs to know how to push up with her ams when she is on her belly, but other than that she's almost exactly where she needs to be developmentally for her adjusted age. She tought us some good exercises to do with Karsie to help her weak areas.

The next meeting with the dietician was not as fun but still fine. She weighed Karsie and took her length and then talked to us about her diet. We didn't change too terribly much because we're waiting for the dietician to meet with us next month along with the G.I. doctor and they will come up with a plan, but we did change a bit. We increased her volume at bit and we're allowed to add breastmilk with it. We're also very close to introducing solids. We will probably start with some rice cereal or bananas, but we can't make it any kind of staple because the G.I. clinic has to okay it. Everything else is the same.

The rest of our weekend now is for playing. It's warm here in San Diego, so we'll have to live it up.