Sunday, November 13, 2011

October in a Nutshell

October was a great month! Karsie loved seeing pumpkins and fall decorations everywhere. She carried little pumpkins around the house as often as she could get her hands on them!
We enjoyed multiple trips to the pumpkin patches with family as well.

At her October GI appointment, Karsie weighed 22 pounds- a full pound more than the September appointment! We have LOVED not having any leaking, and Karsie enjoys eating that really does satisfy her appetite! She is doing well with her eating. She loves eggs, apples, chicken (nuggets), milk, cheerios, fruit loops, fruit leather, crackers, anything cinnamon flavored, and salmon.

Her surgery post-op appointment went well also. She was given the green light to have tissue expanders placed whenever she is ready for that step. We are thinking that waiting for a few more month's growth might not be a bad idea. We will share when we do end up getting a surgery date.

Karsie had a fun Halloween. She dressed up as Minnie Mouse... and thought the dress-up part was amazing.

She enjoyed twirling in her skirt. We went to the fall celebration at our church and Karsie saw lots of her friends.

Have you ever seen a cuter mouse?