Saturday, February 26, 2011

Teething Woes

For about 16 teeth or so, Karsie has done a fairly good job with teething. There have been a few times here and there that she has fussed, but those times were quickly fixed with a bobby (pacifier) or a little Tylenol. Not anymore! Karsie's molars are coming in, and the last three or four nights have been quite horrible. She is currently asleep at a time when she is usually at her most playful because she's so tired from last night. Why, then, are we so happy about last night?Because it was actually better than the previous nights.

Other than teething, Karsie has been growing like a normal child. She's starting to copy our sounds (and when all else fails she says "goggy"); she's been running around, trying to climb things even without her abdominal muscles (getting out of reclining chairs is interesting), and generally just being a fun little kid. We are having so much fun with her as she is starting to show quite the personality (sometimes that "personality" gets her into trouble though).

G-tube is looking wonderful lately, ever since we switched to the .8 cm button. It has been leaking slightly lately because we've been burning off her granulation tissue with silver nitrate. But it's been much better, and we're hoping to get everything under control when the tissue is burned off.

The one thing that she has stepped back on has been her eating and drinking. Granted, drinking has been decent, but she's again lost interest in eating. She still asks for food and puts it in her mouth, which is good, but she doesn't do it with any gusto. Ah, if only we had that problem.