Thursday, July 30, 2009

This is a Good Day!

1.  Karsie has had our two favorite (primary) nurses both day and night - Jamie and Ruth (although we love them all, they have been with us since the beginning and we can tell they love our little girl)

2.  She had three good poops in a 24 hour period, one of which we got to see.  Large, green, nasty and wonderful!

3.  Her ventilator settings have been weaned down to near bottom.  When we left her this afternoon her bpm (breaths given to her per minute) was 26.  When we left this evening it was 13. They say that when she gets around 10 they start to seriously consider taking her off.  We may get to see her face tomorrow when we go in.  We'll keep our fingers crossed.

4.  Karsie just looks good.  She's a fighter.

She Pooped!

These are exciting times.  Our daughter has done it!  Our day nurse informed us that during the night Karsie made a big stinker.  Medically this is good because it means that her bowels are working under Patch.  It also means we're one step closer to being able to give her breast milk.  

She is slowly being weaned on her ventilator.  Her CO2 levels continue to be a tad higher than we would like them, but they are low enough to wean at times.  We will continue to update you on the numbers, but for now she is doing well on lower settings (low for her).  Keep praying that she puts on her determination hat and starts pushing herself closer to home.