Monday, June 29, 2009

Michelle's Outing with Kevin and the Kings

This is Michelle's big 1 hour trip for the day
We apparently love taking reflection pictures in elevators.  We have one on a cruise ship looking up at the ceiling reflection.  
Parked by the coffee cart so Michelle can at least enjoy the aroma.  This is right outside the front entrance of the hospital.
Michelle and Allison and Matt in the rehab garden that we discovered next to the hospital.

Parking by the bench next to a grassy area to enjoy the warm weather.  
Today her snack coincided with the trip, so we had a little picnic...sugar free pudding with almonds and strawberries.
It got a little cold (sorry Bakersfield) so Michelle had to put on her maternity sweatshirt...also known as Kevin's clothes.  


We have a new address until delivery.  Here.  For good.  Very sad for Michelle.

Dr. Cousins came in today and talked to us about our situation.  The weight loss that occurred was not quite concerning to him as it was to us.  But we'll be keeping an eye on it to make sure it doesn't continue to drop.

He said that everything is status quo thus far, which is good, and we will be continuing to monitor the progress of Karsie.  At this point it looks like he was saying that around 38 weeks is our cutoff.  We are going to try to keep her in until then, but if we get there we will do an amniocentesis.  The amnio will measure how Karsie's lung development is.  If she looks good, then she comes out.  Until then the reasons for taking her out early are as follows:

-water breaks followed by labor (and lungs look good)
-labor starts and cannot be stopped
-fluid starting to move into the heart

Other than that, we keep her in until 38 weeks.

Morning Update (6-29) has been a week, and we're still here.  Our doctor, Dr. Cousins, is here today and we are very excited about when he comes in to do his rounds today.  Whenever that is.  

We are slightly concerned with Michelle's diet.  The nurse came in early this morning and had Michelle weigh herself.  According to the numbers Michelle has lost 7 lbs. in a week.  This might have to do with the scale itself, the fact that she weighed in the morning (which if you've ever dieted you know that the morning is the most friendly), or it could be accurate.  Given the diabetes diet they have her on, gaining weight will be hard other than the natural weigh gain, so we're going to ask about that and see what's going on.  

Michelle has been assigned a "movement therapist" for help with bed rest (which is not a good sign that we will be able to go home).  She is currently teaching Michelle some exercises to do so she can keep aches and pains away that are associated with bed rest. 

We did get some good news that there is a message therapist that comes in every so often to do prenatal messages.  Michelle's eyes got huge when she learned that.  Here we come week 2!