Saturday, September 26, 2009


Kevin is officially sick. He has been locked in the bedroom feeling icky for two straight days now. He is really bummed that he seems to get sick on the weekends; when he has a chance to relax his body lets the germs take over. The rest of us are doing everything we can to stay well, which includes skipping the nighttime visit to Karsie so as not to possibly give her any germs. So far she is doing well.
Eating: she is still getting her feeds over 1.5 hours and then has 1.5 hours to digest and rest. She takes 2 bottles and 2 breast feeds a day. She took 8 and then 16mL today on her bottles, and did pretty well with breast feeding last night and this morning. It looks like she will be moved to 1 hour on and 2 hours off on Monday. She still is having some spit-ups, but not more than her usual 1-3 a day.
Growing: Karsie is on a 2-day streak of big growth. On Thursday morning she weighed 3.170, Friday morning she weighed 3.205, and this morning she was up to 3.248. That is a 78gram increase over two days! This is great and will hopefully continue! The goal is 30-60grams a day, and Karsie has some catching up to do! Hopefully this is a sign that the Elecare (formula) is helping and she will continue to gain weight at 24 calories.
Moving: still no word on if she is going to move for sure, but it might be in the works. She will still have the same nurses and nurse practitioners and doctors, just down the hall.

Please pray: for Kevin as he fights this sickness, that the rest of us would manage to stay well (we have bought out the Target supply of disenfecting wipes), and for Karsie to be healthy and to continue to make progress with eating and growing!