Saturday, April 10, 2010

Getting There

Karsie had a decent night last night. She was again put on half volume formula and half volume Pedialyte for the entire night. For the most part she handled it very well. There were a few fusses and grunts and a questionable awakening which turned out to be just a real grumpy girl that needed Tylenol, but the rest of the night went well.

Today the doctor came in and said they were going to go up to full strength formula again and watch her for five hours. That will put us around 2:00. Once that is finished if she is tolerating it we believe she will be discharged. It looks like the bug is leaving her body. Hopefully for good. So far it's been 7 days, and it has infected at least 5 people that we know of (excluding Karsie). We have yet to see what damage it has done to Karsie's weight. We've been able to notice a weakness in her muscle strength and we think we notice a smaller bulk in her, but hopefully that will come back soon.

To 2:00...