Tuesday, December 15, 2009


It's official. Karsie's doctor appointments this year are done in San Diego. We're sad to be leaving them as pretty much every doctor has been amazing, but it's exciting to leave for home. Our plan is to leave Thursday night and arrive in Bakersfield on Friday.

Today Karsie saw the G.I. doctors. Everything looked great. There wasn't much done except a look at her lab work that was done a bit ago. Her liver functions are pretty much normal, especially for her. We will be returning in a month or so to talk with nutrition and G.I. together about her feeding. But she is looking great!

Her blister popped. We thought she wet herself with a blowout from her diaper, but it was the "juice" from her blister. So now we have a new thing to look at on her belly. Hopefully it's a quick heal. Tomorrow is "goodbye day" for the grandparents. Nana and Grandpa will be spending as much time smothering Karsie as they can before she leaves.