Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pre-Delivery Pic of the Day

I couldn't ever get this mask right.  The air kept fogging up my glasses.  Yes, I pinched the metal ring.

Vent Session

It's amazing how fast we are starting to move from understanding to downright bitter that we are not able to hold our daughter. It has almost been a month and she has only been held twice. Rest assured that starting tomorrow we will start to push really hard for us to start to hold her. We find it offensive that we are not allowed to hold her or even pick her up to do her cares when they have to find an extra nurse to do that anyway. Messing with medicine, giving her shots, fixing monitors, yes the nurses can do and should do that as we are not qualified. But who is more qualified to hold their own baby and care for her than her parents? Our nurses seem to understand this and want to let us, but they are nervous to let us do that as they think the doctors will be upset if they see us hold her.

As far as her status goes, things are moving, but moving slowly. She is still being sprinted on the nasal cannula, now going on three days. They were giving her 2 hours a shift on the cannula now moved to 3 hours a shift. They want to evaluate every 3 days, so unless they increase the evaluation time or increase the rate of time spent on the cannula, she will be on the CPAP for another month. Hopefully, that will not be the case since she really seems to like the nasal cannula. When we were in today (stayed for 3 hours) she was sleeping like an angel for almost all of that and her breathing looked at ease.

She is up to 3.5 mL an hour on her feeding. We are noticing her rooting reflex now when she is awake, so we want to start dry feeding so Michelle and Karsie can bond as they have not been able to do. For any of you keeping score, Karsie is about 6 lbs. now. We also want her to do one of her feeds by bottle so she keeps her sucking and swallowing reflex, but we're sure that will depend what her respiratory rate is (and of course if the doctors okay it).

Stitches still look good.

Wish us luck tomorrow as we are planning on setting up a family conference with the doctors and plan on bringing up all of our concerns. We want to hold her and we think we have been patient enough as the doctors don't seem too concerned anymore about the stitches (at least they are more confident in the foam support).