Thursday, September 17, 2009

Status Quo Not Good Anymore

Since many of you pray for Karsie every day, we have a specific prayer request for her. Karsie needs to start to eat orally and more often. We feel that a lot of this is due to waiting for her to grow and not doing much (which we are not sure we understand anymore) and part of this is the fact that we think she is getting an oral aversion to her bottle. When we started giving her the bottle she was taking all of it or most of it. Since then, we feel she has been taking less and less of it. We're not sure if it's because we give her the feeds continuous anyway and since it's easier to let it go to her stomach than suck and swallow the milk, she would rather not, or if it's because she associates the bottle with throwing up. We think it's the latter because, thankfully, she is still into the breast milk. However, that obviously poses a problem because if she gets an oral aversion to the breast then we're not sure what happens, but either way it looks like our time in the NICU is being extended every day she does not improve.

We are going to start to push for them to start trying to condense the feeding so her stomach can hold more at one time. She is not throwing up nearly at all when she is just laying down getting it into her stomach, and she did well when they were increasing her feeding every day. If she can handle the increases her stomach will stretch and she will be able to handle more at once, which is the goal. But if she has an oral aversion to the bottle, we're going to need help with that. Thus, your prayers are coveted to be with the doctors as they come up with a plan (as we're not really sure if there is one, which is understandable since they usually deal with more accute situations, but we need a plan) and for Karsie to start being able to handle more food and like the bottle again.