Friday, February 12, 2010

Five Things Friday

1. As many of you know Karsie was dedicated this past weekend. One thing we did not mention was a gift that Karsie's aunt Christine and uncle Todd gave her. For many years, when the little girls in Aunt Christine's family were dedicated or baptized, they were given a bracelet as a gift for the special occasion. They all still have theirs. The night before Karsie was dedicated she got her little bracelet and wore it the entire day.

2. Yesterday Kevin peeled off almost all of Karsie's scab on Pinky. What is left now is maybe as thick as a thin nail and as long your pinky fingernail. We're probably looking at another two days or so before we will be taking a picture of a completed Pinky. The human body is amazing isn't it?

3. Today Karsie ate like a champ. We have been giving Karsie little tastes of solid foods lately. All of which we are making here at home...even the upcoming food. Thank you food processor. She has been eating on a rotation of bananas, rice cereal, and sweet potatoes. Today was rice cereal. She downed about two table spoons without too much trouble. She has a tendency to get overwhelmed with the texture and gags, but she didn't do too bad today especially considering she ate a ton of food for her. Up next: pears.

4. This didn't happen this week, but when we were down in San Diego Karsie got to meet baby Matthew and Garrett for the first time. Matthew is another baby we have been praying for and, if you click on his button to the left of Karsie's blog you can see his story. He's a cute little thing. It was Matthew's birthday and Karsie was able to celebrate with Matthew and his family.

5. Karsie's talking has been getting much more developed. So much so that it has made quite a funny situation with her toys. She frequently talks to them. She coos and smacks and grunts at her toys. They, in turn, do nothing. So she talks a little louder. She gets to the point where she gets just frustrated enough that it's cute and she starts to scream at them. They have yet to respond to her.