Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Beginning of the End

Today was a good day. There isn't much to tell, but a lot to tell at the same time.

First we had a G.I. appointment. The doctor was thrilled with Karsie's growth and basically said to keep the same thing going. Even though she has plateaued a bit she's still right there on the growth charts for weight, length, and size proportions. We got some medicine to put on her G-Tube site because there is some granulation tissue starting to grow around it, so that needs to be stopped, but other than that, there's no changes. We were having some leaking issues with the G-Tube, but the doc said that because of Karsie's angle to the stomach, there's going to be some leaking. She weighed in at 14 lbs. 13 oz, which is a more accurate weight than last time. Plus, she was completely empty of food which was not the case last time either.

Then, we had lunch with some friends. It was awesome to catch up and for them to see Karsie's growth and development. Very fun!

Finally, we saw Dr. Saenz in surgery. He was also thrilled and we started to discuss the beginning of the end (hence the title of this blog). We will definitely have more information next week when we see Dr. Gossman who is the plastic surgeon, but it sounds like she wants to put in the expanders around a year, which would make it June/Julyish when she gets the tissue expanders. After that, they stay in for a few months and then Dr. Saenz will call it and say when it's time to close her up. So, we are making some huge assumptions here, but it wouldn't be unlikely that we will be done with all of this by Christmas. We know that's wishful thinking, but it's possible to do that now. All of this will depend on what Dr. Gossman thinks next week, but Dr. Saenz was thrilled by all the skin and space that is there already. We are excited and terrified at the same time. More details to come...