Friday, August 28, 2009


Karsie is still doing very well.  She is up to 8 mL an hour on her feeding and 8 mL of the TPN. Unless there is some serious spit up tonight, tomorrow will be the first day that she outdoes the TPN.  

Pat looks amazing!  Kevin saw it live for the first time tonight and was very impressed.  In fact, tonight the nurse said that the surgeons were going to come by and take the rest of it off possibly today, but since they didn't it will probably be evaluated on Monday by Dr. Saenz. These seems to be the final days of Patch/Pat.  If Pat is still stuck to Karsie, then it is too soon, but if not, we may have to find another name.  

Speaking of the skin, we have some real good pictures to post of her current situation.  It looks incredibly gruesome, but it is not nearly as bad as it looks on a picture.  The camera catches a lot of the red color, but a lot of it is pink and skin-like.  We will try to post that tomorrow.  Just know that it is graphic.  

Until then, enjoy Karsie looking around (this is before they moved the tube from her mouth into her nose so she can suck on the pacifier and not associate the annoyance of the tube with her sucking...also it's a smaller tube).