Sunday, May 31, 2009

Thank You SNC

We want to thank our brothers and sisters at SNC for the "send off" yesterday.  After the sermon was finished (awesome job by the way, Jason!) we were called up by Pastor Joe and prayed over by the whole church.  We're pretty sure that anyone who was not aware of our special situation thought that we were just going down to San Diego for kicks and probably thought we wanted prayer because we were going to miss SNC (which we are), but we still are very appreciative of the prayer.  Karsie was too as she kicked everyone that touched Michelle's belly during the prayer.  We'll see you guys in a few months!  

Kick Count

We have been instructed to start counting Karsie's kicks at some point during the day, usually after dinner.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with kick counts, Michelle is to monitor Karsie's movement for an hour and make sure she feels her 10 times during that hour.  If she doesn't feel her 10 times in that hour we are to go immediately to the doctor's office.  This sounds a little rash, until we give you the times for our first two days:

Day 1 - 10 kicks in 35 seconds

Day 2 - 10 kicks in under 2 min.

So far - not so hard.  (just during the time writing this post, Karsie has kicked 8 times)