Friday, January 15, 2010

Five Things Friday

1. Karsie gets breathing treatments twice a day... and she tries to eat the mask the whole time!

2. She is so cute... I had to take some pictures of her on the bed! Love the little bug!!

3. She has been practicing her tummy time every day. She now can tolerate a few minutes before getting really mad. Yesterday she did a great job holding herself up on her forearms for a couple minutes!

4. Snuggle time with daddy! Oooh I could just eat her up!

5. Karsie had a fun few days early this week with Aunty Mandy. Kevin's sister was able to come and visit for three days this week and spend time with Karsie before she (Mandy) goes to New Zealand for a year or two! Sounds like the Turners will be making a trip to the South Pacific?