Sunday, July 19, 2009

Karsie Opens Her Eyes (sorry it's sideways)

Surgeon Update

Kevin: I was in the NICU visiting with Karsie and happened to be there when the surgeon was doing rounds. (I am in such awe of what he does and did for Karsie. I firmly believe God used Dr. Losasso to make a miracle just keeping Karsie alive after all of that trauma). He did a quick look over Karsie's organs and vitals and he said that her liver looks "perfect" and her bowels look excellent as well. He said they're doing as good as he would expect. He said that he probably won't do anything until she is a bit more stable. He wants to see that Karsie is off the high intensity ventilator and moved to a more standard ventilator plus her off of medication to regulate her blood pressure. Once those two things are looking good he will try to start working the organs back into the body, starting with the liver, which is the most important to get in at this point.

So, if you're like me and you need some specific things to pray for, in the next few days pray that Karsie's lungs start to strengthen to the point of being able to move to a standard ventilator, and that she starts to regulate her own blood pressure w/o medication.

Karsie Had a Good Night (Graphic Pic Under Text)

Kevin was woken up by Ruth this morning, our favorite nurse (although they are all our favorite at this point), and was told that Karsie had a really good night and that all of her vitals are looking stable. We're hoping that this remains the case and that she gets real strong real fast because it won't be too long before the surgeon won't want to wait any longer to put the liver back into the body, which will be another round of very scary times (not that we're out of those now).

Michelle was able to see her twice yesterday and was able to hold her hand. She had a hard time yesterday, but she is so strong and knows that the best thing she can do for Karsie right now is to take care of herself and heal. She will be able to see her a few times today too as she is healing quite nicely (but painfully).