Thursday, March 19, 2009


Building 200 - Part of the UCLA Medical Center

First of all, thank you to everyone praying all day for our appointment. We are blessed to have such dedicated prayer warriors as friends.

We met today with a fetal heart specialist to find out if the heart is functioning normally. If there were some abnormalities with the heart, then that would signal a likely chromosomal problem. If it registers normal that doesn't mean we are out of the genetic woods yet, but it rules out many severe problems associated.

Dr. Tabibian, the doctor we saw, was extremely patient as she tried to find Karsie's heart valves. This proved to be a problem. First of all, Karsie is still very young and the heart is very complex, so not everything is big enough yet to see clearly with a sonogram. Second of all, we have quite the active baby who also had the hiccups, so there were many times Dr. Tabibian had to stop, take a breath, and try again. However, she was able to get some fairly good reads despite Karsie's size and all of the movement.

Her direct quote: "At this point I am 99% sure that everything in the baby's heart is functioning normally. However, if you were my sister I would recommend that you come back after the heart has grown some more and make sure we can see all of the smaller vessels. But I'm pretty sure everything is fine."

We are very assured with her statistic because she was a very meticulous doctor. She looked at every valve and ventricle over and over and in different sizes to make sure everything was fine. There were, in fact, four chambers working perfectly. The blood was going where it should go and every valve was where it should be. Therefore, it looks as though Karsie has a good heart and that rules out a few genetic problems.

Other genetic problems were also ruled out today as we were able to clearly see straight fingers on each hand (in some other chromosomal problems the baby makes a fist or has crossed fingers), and we were able to see the liver clearly in the omphalocele, which is a good sign believe it or not. So far, so good, but we will go in to the doctor's here in Bakersfield on Tuesday to do a full genetic test on Karsie.

After all was done we were able to see another shot of the privates (in 12 years we will need to apologize to our daughter for this: sorry Karsie) and it still confirms girl. And, we were able to see a wonderful head shot with her scratching her head with two fingers. She's a head toucher. We will try to put those up soon, but the pictures didn't come out as well as the sonogram showed us.

Oddest question/conversation of the day:

Dr. Tabibian: Are you two related?
Michelle: Yes, he's my husband.
Dr. Tabibian: No, I mean other than that?
Michelle: Oh. No.
Dr. Tabibian: I'm sorry. I have to ask.