Friday, March 12, 2010

Five Things Friday

1. Appointments... Karse is now on the schedule for PT, OT and Speech! Our pediatrician wanted to wait until after she got her flu shot boosters... and the end of the flu season before sending her to all these appointments... and now that time has come... so Karsie will be going to 5-9 appointments a week! On top of all this... mom and dad will be doing the exercises with her at home too! She is going to be the workout queen!

2. Bug still loves bathtime... she loves to splash... and in her tub at home, she can use her feet to make some cool squawking noises... and this amuses her. She also loves to try to drink any water that runs down her face... or the water she can suck from the wash cloth!

3. There is Jaque the Peacock... and also Mortimer the Moose... and she loves them both! I think those huge eyes grab her attention!

4. Karsie LOVES to read books... she has a few cloth books and she will lay down with them and read them to us. She loves when we read to her... she loves turning pages... she loves looking at the pictures... she loves eating the pages. She has a couple pop-up books that fascinate her... and she plays peek-a-boo with the pop-up characters. I have been trying to get a video of her reading her books... but when she hears the camera turn on... she gets distracted... she also loves the camera!

5. She is standing... all day long... she just loves to stand up! When she has been sitting or laying down for a bit... she does this super cute little scoot and grunt thing... to tell us that she wants to stand up! She especially loves to watch herself stand in the mirror! She gets to excited to see herself standing!