Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mad at the Monitor

Around 34 seconds look at the bottom left of Michelle's stomach.  Before 34 seconds Karsie periodically kicks right on the monitor.

Afternoon Update (6-28)

We're here and all moved in.  So far, Michelle has been testing right in the desired area for her blood sugar.  She is only having to take insulin two times a day just to keep her down.  

We have to only test Michelle's contractions two times a day.  Last night Michelle did fine with only a few contractions in the hour.  This afternoon Michelle felt four during her test and for the first time the machine read the same number she felt.  Hopefully this will keep Michelle from stressing since they were usually telling her she had 6 contractions when she felt 1 or 2.  

Getting ready for our daily sonogram......

Moving Day!

We are the other side of the floor.  The floor is divided into two sides, women's surgery and long-term pregnancy bed rest.  Since bed rest was so full they started to file us into the surgery unit (that's where we were).  They have since had some vacancies and have moved us to the correct side.  As far as our room is concerned it's exactly the same with a worse view.  But our window opens.