Monday, November 23, 2009

Happy Girl!

Sorry for the lapse in blogging... I have been a blog-slacker for the past few days.

Karsie is a trooper! She is up to 11mL an hour of feeds (Elecare 22cal) and will increase to 12mL at 1am. She is handling her feeds very well and moving it through! She did go about 48 hours without pooping, but then this evening she had a nice big poop! Someday Karsie will give us a hard time for broadcasting her bowel movements... but we are happy for the poops! She is also urinating a lot and getting rid of all her excess fluids from surgery.
Today she got her 4 month immunizations. She was given Tylenol in advance and was also given emla cream (numbing cream) so she didn't feel the 4 injections. She took it like a champ and didn't cry! She was a little more fussy this evening and you could tell she was sore.
She has been really alert and happy lately though! This is so fun! She likes to play with her linky toys ("Thank You Aunty Carolynn") and watch everything that is going on around her. We have to cover her eyes to get her to take a nap because there is so much to watch (she is on the monitor... don't cover a sleeping baby's face at home). She smiles all the time and really is just a fun happy girl!