Sunday, November 15, 2009

Playing Before Surgery

Hopefully it's a good sign that she is having a day like this before she goes in for surgery. We thought that since it's been a while since we've posted a picture or movie we'd get one in before surgery. We are obviously terrified but hopeful and it's good to see our little girl happy and playing before tomorrow.

Quick tidbit before tomorrow: She has hit 8 lbs as of yesterday. She will hover around that for a few days probably, but the TPN and lipids seem to be giving her a little extra help.

This will be our last post until surgery time (unless something worthwhile happens tonight). We will try and update all of you as things happen like her other surgeries. Like a family friend told us today, we'll be praying like crazy around 1:00 but by dinner time we hope to be giving high fives and rejoicing.

24 Hours of Prayer

"Dear Lord, please be with our little girl tomorrow as she goes in for surgery. We are so blessed to have her and have the opportunity to love her, and we thank you. Be with her surgeon and give him the wisdom to use his amazing gifts and talents you gave him to help Karsie. Be with all the staff that helps out and let them know that they are assisting your miracle on the table. Give Karsie your comfort and strength as she goes through this again. Please give her back to us. Keep her safe and healthy so we can continue to show your love to her. Amen."