Monday, June 22, 2009

Status Update (11:00)

All systems check.  Michelle's contractions went away for an hour which means the medicine kicked in.  She will have to take the medicine every four hours (1:00 - pill, 4:00 - monitor) to make sure everything stays good, but for now, we get a few hours to sleep.  Thank you all for all of the encouraging words.  Good night!

Steroid Shot

Michelle was given a shot of steroids a little after 9.  She will have another shot tomorrow at about the same time.  We will be here to monitor Michelle's blood sugar because steroids will boost blood sugar.  It will help Karsie's lungs grow and mature a little faster in case she comes premature.  

Michelle's contractions picked up a little again lately and so we're monitoring them closely to see if it was just a fluke after getting stuck with a needle and steroids.


Michelle was still having contractions for a few hours so she was just given medicine to stop them. It seems that her uterus likes the medicine.


We are at the hospital indefinitely. They are monitoring Karsie. Michelle is having frequent contractions which is hopefully just stress, but if Karsie starts to have a hard time with them we will be moved to labor and delivery. We will keep you posted as news becomes available.

Prayer Needed...Again

This just seems to be the way things go for us and Karsie. If we went in and they told us everything looks normal it would be wierd.

When we went in today for our ultrasound the tech said that she saw some fluid in Karsie's abdomen. She called it Acites (I can't spell check this as I am on the phone). When we saw the doctor he confirmed the diagnosis and explained it to us.

Basically fluid in the abdomen is a bad thing because there is an abnormality that is causing it and not flushing it out. If it stays in the intestines that is the best case scenerio. They will drain it at birth and fix the problem. The more serious issue can have to do with the heart. It can be a sign of deterioration of her heart if it starts to move up. The fluid does not cause the failure but is a sign of it.

We are being monitored daily to see if the fluid is stationary or moves. We want it either to be stationary or just go away completely. Because it looks like we will be giving birth prematurely Michelle is getting rounds of steroids to help Karsie's lungs develop faster, so she is admitted for a few days to the hospital.

We just need lots of prayer support. We are now in the middle of a rock and a hard place. On the one hand we want to have Karsie in as long as possible, but we don't want to keep her in too long that the surgeons cannot repair the problem. Thank you guys!

Two Months to Go!

It's hard to believe we're almost done, but here we are. Two months from today will be our original due date. If we deliver that late we will be extatic!! So really we're looking at 7 weeks or so.

We are currently waiting for an ultrasound followed by a doctor checkup. We're praying for boring, mundane news. We are also going to ask about our surgeon contact. We have kind of selected our surgeon but have not gotten a call yet, so that is on the appointment agenda.

We were able to see where Karsie will be delivered and kept after surgery this past weekend. So far everything looks very nice. if we have news, we will update soon....