Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Device Part 2...

Today we were able to fit Karsie with the device into her car seat. There will be more adjustments made, but it is looking very nice. The orthotist was even thoughtful enough to give it a cute pink strap!
Karsie enjoyed being in the car seat, until one of the straps was adjusted and gagged her... and then she broke in the car seat by spitting up all over it!

In other news, she is now in a private room in C-Pod! What luck! Her weight stayed the same again and she had a couple spit-ups yesterday. She still hasn't been condensed down to half-hour but she is now being offered the bottle/breast 6 times a day (8 will be the goal here).
She did breastfeed very well today, and is continuing to take around 30mL each time she feeds orally. Hopefully tomorrow she will go to 30min feeds. Everything is baby steps with her... we can only change 1 thing each day regarding her feeds because we want to know if it worked or not. If we change too many variables, we don't know what worked and what didn't. So baby steps it will be.