Sunday, February 7, 2010

Dedication Day Photos

We have a video of the dedication soon to go up, but until we can get it up we'll post some pictures. Today was a good day.

Reuben Welch holding Karsie after the dedication. She was so good for him.
Right after prayer Karsie gave this huge yawn and everyone laughed. We took two videos and only managed to get part of the yawn, but here we got a great picture of it.

Karsie was so great during the entire thing. She behaved right up until we sat down with her and the attention was not on her anymore.

Reuben's Sunday School class was getting ready to start and we wanted to get a quick picture of the three of us right before we left.

The family with Karsie. We took literally dozens of pictures of different families holding Karsie and Karsie posed for every one. We have all of these people plus her godparents and extended family members holding her and she gave out huge smiles for all of them. Unfortunately when we wanted to do the big family picture she was spent. So we got one of her chewing on her fingers.

His Child...His Message...

Dear Bug,

Not that He hasn't claimed you as one of His testaments already, but today your mom and dad are publicly acknowledging that you belong to God. Since you were born we all have been aware that you were something special. We prayed, from the very first day you were born, that we could keep you and that you would grow up to know the gift that you are to us and to the world. Your story has touched our life as it has so many others. So today when you look out into the eyes of the church and at us, we know that those are the eyes of a baby but it's the voice of God. We are so proud of you and we continue to be thankful for the blessing that you have been to us.

Thank you God...

The Turners