Monday, April 12, 2010

Fresh Air

Yesterday, Karsie was on 75% Elecare and 25% pedialyte... and she did very well. So this morning she went to 100% Elecare. So far she is doing very well with it. However, it will not surprise us if she has another set back. We have had the chance to hear from some other mom's of omphalocele babies (Moo's) and they have said that tummy bugs take their kiddo's a long time to get over as well. It is all about trial and error and letting the body get back into the swing of digesting food. This made us feel much better.

Since Bug was feeling good and the weather was great, we headed to the zoo to do some walking around and animal watching. Karsie loves to look at the greenery and I love to watch the animals... so it is a mutual good time! And since the rain had passed and the sun was out, there were lots of animals out and active. It was a great day to be there!

A personal favorite... but I forgot to take Sophie's picture with her family!

In honor of my brother... the UCI Grad.

This was a special treat... the mama koala with her 11 month old joey!

Bright eyes!

Does this remind anyone else of the book Verdi? Not quite the same snake... but close!

This guy was coming over to say "hello" to Karsie! She didn't care much.

As many times as I have been to the zoo, I had never seen anything in this exhibit... but today I saw both these Glass Lizards (who have no apparent legs/feet) and the other inhabitants.

Never smile at a crocodile....

Karsie did enjoy watching the otters... there is a glass water viewing area and she could see them swimming about... she really was amused by that!

It was just that kind of a day!