Saturday, September 12, 2009

Update (9-12)

Karsie was a huge sleeper today.  Kevin and Grandma Turner went in at around 9:00 and aside from eating about 10 mL of milk, she slept the entire day away.  She wasn't interested today in breast feeding, but she has taken her new milk (with rice formula) well.  She had one small spit up in the early afternoon but for new ingredients, she has done well.  

Grandma was very excited to hold Karsie for the first time (and unfortunately probably the only time until she comes home).  

Kevin was able to change Karsie's dressing in the morning and reported AMAZING results. According to us (not confirmed by the surgeon), the skin is not the thing that will keep Karsie in the NICU.  It's almost all skin already.  We're getting to see the dressing change at 9:00 each day, so we should be able to get pretty good pictures, so we'll put them up when we can, but until then take our word for it.  It looks so good!  Almost all of it is pink.  There is only a little part on top of Pinky that is that greenish color, but the rest is pink.  Most of it looks just like skin, or healing skin.