Monday, December 14, 2009

History of Karsie (12-14-09)

WARNING:  BIRTH FOOTAGE and medical pictures

Two Down, One to Go...

Today, Karsie had two of her three appointments before we leave for Bakersfield.  She had four lined up this week, but one of the appointments (nutrition) bailed on us and we set it up in January.  So far so good.  We had neurology early today.  The doctor she saw was the first neurologist that told us about Karsie's burst suppression after the initial EEG.  He looked her over, pulled out a toy and let Karsie track it (she passed with flying colors), and checked her reflexes.  As far as he's concerned, she's perfect.  He also pulled out a preemie growth chart for Karsie's head and she's pretty much smack dab in the middle, so she's growing fine.  Her weight now is 9 lbs. 14 oz. but they weighed her with her clothes on, so a couple ounces probably should be shed from that weight.  We go back in April.  

Surgery was next.  It was interesting seeing Dr. Saenz out of the hospital.  We were a little nervous about the surgical appointment as Karsie has grown a blister on Pinky.  It showed up a couple of days ago and has filled with fluid since.  However, he did not seem too concerned about it.  He said to treat it just like we're treating the rest of her granulation tissue, which is to put wet to dry dressing on it.  He said it will pop one of these days and it will set her back a bit with the skin growth on the omphalocele, but it's not a huge concern.  But the rest of her looks amazing!  She's so close to having total skin all around it.  

Last night Karsie went to her first party.  One of the Sunday School classes here at the San Diego church we attend holds an annual Christmas party.  They have all been so faithful praying for Karsie, so we made a cameo and had dinner while showing off our miracle.  She was wearing a homemade dress made by Nana.  Isn't it cute?  We had to leave early as we miscalculated Karsie's food, so we needed to fill it up.  Also, we're now part of the infant parent club so commitment to something for a couple of hours is always up in the air.  

Tomorrow ends our doctor visits in San Diego for the year.  We visit G.I. tomorrow and get to weigh her for real (they do the whole naked weight thing).  Think fat thoughts...