Friday, July 2, 2010

Cruising and Limping

(This picture has nothing to do with the blog entry, but it's awesome!)

We can't really title this entry "crawling" yet because Karsie has kind of a weird mode of transportation. She is definitely mobile. She can go pretty fast and is getting faster by the day, but it's hard to call it a true crawl.

She crawls with her right leg and arms, but she tucks her left leg under herself and it's pretty much a limp or dead leg. If she had neurological problems with her left leg it would make sense, but she just uses it to keep her omphalocele up off the ground while the right leg does all the work. We think she permanently tucks it under because she knows how to use that leg to get herself back into a sitting position so she doesn't want to risk using it and having it go somewhere too far that she can't get back into a sitting position. So she keeps that leg in sitting position while she crawls and her right leg does all the steering and moving. Therefore, we have a child that crawls with a limp.

She also has learned how to spin using her legs. At Nana and "Grampa's" house she has lots of hardwood floors and she has learned to spin around in circles. She learned it chasing their cocker spaniel around and around, but then she learned she can do that without the dog. Kinda fun!

Happy 4th to everyone if we don't get a post up between now and then.