Sunday, August 2, 2009

One Angry Girl

Karsie has done fairly well today.  Her infection seems to be dwindling a bit based on her white cell production and she looks better than she did yesterday.  She was absolutely furious when we left her today.  Her tape that holds the vent tube in place came off, so they had to mess with that as well as give her more blood.  She got pretty cranky then, but we tried to hold her after that. When all of that happened and if she had an audible cry, her cry could have been heard around the world.  After Michelle was able to hold her for a bit we called it quits as her heart rate and blood pressure spiked a bit and she was flailing about and screaming (without the's like the mute button that at some point we might wish we could resurrect).  She was given some meds to help with her stress.  Hopefully she can get off the ventilator soon so we can hold her to calm her down and so it doesn't agitate her breathing tubes.