Sunday, January 24, 2010

Five Quick Facts About Karsie

1. Karsie will have blonde hair and light eyes. Michelle has blonde hair and blue eyes and Kevin has (had) blonde hair and green eyes. Since both require two genes to make, all our kids will have blonde hair and light eyes (some form of blue and green).

2. Karsie is ticklish on her back. Go figure. It's best right under her shoulders.

3. Karsie's favorite time of day is first thing in the morning. We will wake up many times to her talking to herself in her bed.

4. Karsie watches football. We think it's the color green that she enjoys, but Kevin is very excited about that.

5. Karsie is now mobile. Usually at this point babies are rolling, which she does as much as she can (she once rolled onto her omphalocele), but she doesn't roll completely over from side to side. She moves in a clockwise really slow breakdancing. She'll stay on her back the whole time but she points a different direction as time goes on. And it is always clockwise.