Friday, July 24, 2009

A Few Corrections

Not much to report today except that she is still stable, which actually is a lot to report.  She is moving ever so slowly toward not needing the heavy duty ventilator, but all of that changes tomorrow.  She most likely will have some bowel squeezed in tomorrow.  That will go for a couple of days until they are ready to put a gortex patch on her.

The first correction is that they plan on surgery Monday now instead of Wednesday.  This gives them Saturday and Sunday to squeeze in the bowels.  Sounds a little sudden to me, but I trust they know what they're doing.  

The second correction is that on our update yesterday after the meeting, I must have misunderstood the blood pressure part.  She is apparently maintaining her blood pressure quite nicely on her own.  

We are also continuing to pray for her EEG test on Monday that will apparently happen the same day as her surgery now.  Big day for all of us.  We are assuming the EEG will be a little more scheduled while the surgery is just whenever they have time as it is not as an immediate of a need as her first one was.