Saturday, May 1, 2010

Food Question for You

Since our last post on the food, Karsie has slowed down quite a bit on the volume of food she consumes. However, the frequency of her feeding has kept up. When we visited the speech therapist she said that Karsie really is going at a normal pace for a "new eater." Therefore, we pretty much will just check in once a month. The only thing we're really looking for is to make sure she doesn't develop an oral aversion and that her interest is there. Eventually the volume should come.

She's doing fairly well on solid foods. She eats rice cereal here and there. Sometimes she just doesn't have an interest, but she usually eats it. Her favorites seem to be apples and sweet potatoes mixed with the rice cereal. She does okay with puffs and she's able to eat them whole.

Here are our problems however: Karsie will NOT take a bottle. We're really not sure what to do with that other than keep trying here and there. Usually this wouldn't be a problem if she nursed real well, but we've run into a supply problem. Michelle is running out. Karsie likes to nurse and would do it more, but Michelle really just doesn't have enough any more to compensate for Karsie's bottle issues. This is normal around this time for many moms, but usually this accompanies good solid food eating as well. We want to wean her off of her G-Tube, but we need to see how much she gets from oral feeding, and with her not taking a bottle and Michelle's milk supply low, that's really hard to do.

Any suggestions on beefing up milk supply or tricks to get a kid to take a bottle?

We know eventually she'll make it up in solid food eating and that will take the place of the milk, but it would make it a little easier (quicker too) to supplement with milk now.