Monday, January 4, 2010

New Kind of Normal

Today was the start of a new kind of normal for us (albeit temporary).
Kevin went back to work and I stayed home with Karsie. While I will only be able to stay off work for a few months more before I take a complete pay cut, I have been blessed with extended family leave and am able to be with Karsie for a while longer.

Today was a busy day too!

In the morning the plumber came to replace the garbage disposal (yeah, all our appliances decided to quit in our absence). Karsie slept in, so I was able to get lots of housework done. I believe I ran like seven loads of laundry... all the while working on dishes, dusting and taking down Christmas. I also had to make many phone calls. I called doctors offices, insurance, and the medical supply company. Most of the phone calls resulted in the need to make more phone calls tomorrow. Then we had a follow up appointment with Dr. Suen.

When we got to the office Karsie got weighed and even though her clothes were on... she came in at 11lbs 3oz! Holy cow! Thanks to that fundo... and the inability to spitup... Karsie just keeps on growing! Yay! Then Dr. Suen saw her and listened to her... and all the while Karsie kept giving him the best gummy grins! She acted like a totally different baby from the last time he saw her. She still has some gunky coughing and a lot of snot, but she sounded better to him. He wants her to continue with the meds and then he added an inhaled form of a steroid to continue to kelp keep her airways open. We go back to see him in a week to continue to track her progress. He also asked about the RSV shot progress... and I had to tell him we are still in insurance limbo. We want to get the shot to her ASAP!

Karsie obliged me with a quiet trip to the grocery store and then a drive through the pharmacy. By the time we got home, Kevin was getting home too... and it felt like a "Leave it to Beaver" moment when he walked in the door and came over and greeted his two girls.

I could get used to this kind of normal!