Saturday, August 22, 2009

Update and Pictures 8/22

Great boring update today! Karsie went up on her feeds to 6.5mL an hour and her TPN went down to 7.5mL an hour. She has had no more spit-ups (even though we are fairly sure she has a mild case of reflux). She is getting prilosec for the reflux and to help everything (food-wise) continue to move throuh her. Her breathing still looks good and her lungs are getting stronger. She is on CPAP for 6 hours each shift and nasal cannula 6 hours. Her patch looks good with minimal drainage and no new ripped stitches. We are praying for many more days of boring reports... and of course super fast skin growth so we can hold her and bring her home soon!
Karsie taking a little rest... so sweet!
Karsie got to listen to Kevin via a voice recording! She was a little fussy and when this was played, she relaxed and stayed calm for quite a while. She sure does love her daddy!
Nana got to have two visits today. She is Michelle's support person while Kevin is at home. This is nice because it means Michelle doesn't have to do the night visits alone.
Our little sleeping beauty!

Due Date!!!

This was supposed to be Karsie's due date.  We were never going to go this long even if she didn't come early, but what it means is that developmentally, Karsie is term.  We don't think she will ever lose the term "preemie" since she was born premature, but as far as her development goes, she is at 40 weeks even though she's over a month old.  This makes a difference now on weight and expectations and such but after a while she will lose the idea she's a month behind.  The last time she was weighed and measured she was about 6 1/2 pounds and around 19 inches long. We'll try and get an exact weight and length today as it would be interesting to see, but she still growing strong.