Friday, February 5, 2010

Five Things Friday

1. Karsie got to spend some good time with her Godparents this last weekend. They came to visit us... and Karsie had so much fun. At one point, Kelli was walking with Karsie and as soon as she sat down... Karsie fell fast asleep!

2. Last night Karsie got to try rice cereal with breast milk and bananas... she didn't get more than a spoonful in her mouth... but she did think it was fairly amusing trying it. Her favorite part was when I let her lick the banana... she liked that much better than trying to actually eat it.

3. Last night we headed to dinner with my parents and grandma... Karsie had been cooped up in the car seat/stroller for a good part of the day (the doctors visit, a LONG walk with some great friends, trip to Costco). She was ready to be home and laying on the floor and playing. We got into the restaurant and Karsie started fussing... then screaming. I didn't want to ruin dinner for all the other people, so I grabbed her and her food bag and we headed outside to walk around and see if she would settle. She did settle after a bit, so we went in for take two. Just as soon as we sat down... Karsie started at it again! I hadn't even dipped my chip in the white sauce! I knew she wouldn't settle until she was home. She had hit her limit... so Karsie and I headed back home. My parents brought me some dinner (thank you) and a little side of white sauce (thank you)... and Karsie played and was super happy. I am sure this will not be the last time a dinner is cut short due to my child.

4. Massages... Karsie LOVES to have a little massage after her bath. When we get her out of the tub, we put on her diaper and her dressing... then we grab some Burt's Bees Baby lotion (love the smell) and slather it over her little arms and legs... and she thinks it is about the best thing ever. If she is super mad (at being removed from the tub play time), this calms her down almost instantly... she especially loves it when we both pull her arms and legs at the same time... in a super stretch. She giggles and looks at us expectantly waiting for us to do that again!

5. Just another shot of us at the zoo... Karsie really liked the orangutan area (a favorite of ours)... she maybe didn't care about the animals... but we think she likes the color green... and that area is super green and lush!