Thursday, August 20, 2009

Michelle and Karsie

Update (8-20)

Mostly boring news to report.  We'll target the big areas one by one.

Breathing:  She is continuing to do well on the nasal cannula that they are probably going to move her up to using that 10 hours a day.  At some point, as a doctor told us today, they will probably just call it when Karsie continues to do well and switch her to nasal cannula completely.  She was pretty much on room air and sating high.  

Feeding:  Today was a little interesting as we witnessed her first real vomiting.  It was not enough to do anything about it, but enough to be cautious.  They still went up on her feeds to 5.5 mL an hour and will continue if she doesn't spit up again.  

Patch:  Still looking good.  On her right side today we noticed a significant amount of leaking when we did her diaper change.  However, the surgeon had seen it before and so had the nurses, and are not too concerned with it as long as it doesn't get much bigger.  But overall the skin is continuing to do well.  

We met our occupational therapist today who will be working with us to help with Karsie's development.  She's a USC fan, so things are looking real good!  We are looking forward to meeting with her to see how we can help with Karsie's development while not in our own home.