Saturday, August 28, 2010

Rash Decisions - and Cute Pictures

Karsie seems to be doing a bit better, but she's still bothered by her rash. Doctor Suen called the other day to tell us that the culture grew bacteria, meaning there's stuff to kill. So Karsie has been on antibiotics for a few days. We're pretty sure when she leaks she is getting irritated from a higher acidic concentration because we took her off prilosec. So G.I. needs to decide if she needs to go on again. The rash itself is slightly bigger, but it is healing with the antibiotic cream we put on her. We hope it clears up soon so she feels better.

Developmentally, she's doing well. She's getting very quick at standing up. She can point to her ears when we ask her to, and tomorrow we're working on "nose." Eating is hit and miss. Some days she likes solids. Some days she likes puree. some days she likes nothing. Except chicken. She always likes chicken.